The NADA Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads

A National Road Safety Agency


In 2013, a ministerial decree was issued to establish the “National Council for Road Safety” which is mandated to study and present national plans for road safety, to then be adopted by the Minister of Interior. The weakness of this council, however, is evident in its limited authority and accountability, in addition to inadequate civil society representation and responsibilities, all leading to negligible impact on safety since its inception.

Why take action?

Similar international settings and local assessments have shed light on the importance of establishing an empowered and accountable National Road Safety Body, comprising a general assembly of representatives of all relevant stakeholders. Those would be given the authority and accountability to determine safety standards and targets, plan and make decisions and eventually act on them.

Through the consortium of advisors the Nada Foundation is affiliated with, together with its ties with prominent decision-makers and Parliament members, we will be pushing for a new law proposal for the establishment of this new body. Its primary role will include the creation of an effective framework for the governance and sustainable improvement of Egyptian road safety and the development of multi-sectoral policies.


We anticipate the multi-stakeholder National Road Safety Body to serve as an authentic governance structure, capable of making a tangible difference in road safety through setting targets, safety standards, introducing legislations, coordinating roles of different sectors, monitoring and evaluation, collection of data and undergoing practical research.