Road Safety Education to Children

The Nada Foundation for Safe Egyptian Roads cooperates with Resala Charitable Organization to deliver the road safety education program to (Kids Have Lives) activity. The training was launched during the month of July, hosted by Resala Association in the 6th of October residence, and included educating children about the proper behaviors that must be followed while using the road to preserve their lives and the lives of others. The training program lasted for five days, during which the children were trained on 4 training modules

  1. The opening module where passion is an essential part to educate young people about the relationship of road safety to their lives.
  2. The knowledge module, through which young people were able to learn the rules of road safety and how to use the infrastructure and the various modes of transport.
  3. Implementation module which aims at empowering young people to make a real change related to road safety.
  4. The creativity module through which young people are trained to choose a topic about road safety and form a message about it by employing their talents and skills.