VIA – The Global Road Safety Education Program for a New Generation

The Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads, with the support of Total Energies, launched the second wave of VIA road safety education for the next generation program. The first training batch for this year was hosted by Resala Charity Organization (Kids Have Life Activity) at the Wadi Hof residence. The training aimed to raise the children’s awareness of the rules that they should follow while using the road to protect their lives and the lives of others. The training program lasted for five days, during which the children were trained on 6 training modules:

1. The opening module, where feeling and emotions are essential part to educate young people about the relationship between road safety and their lives.

2. Knowledge module, through which young people were able to learn the rules of road safety and how to use the infrastructure and the various means of transport safely.

3. The implementation module, which aims to empower young people to make a real change related to road safety, whether around their schools or their residential areas, and change the current situation to a safer one.

4. The creativity module, through which young people are trained to choose a topic about road safety and form a message about it by employing their talents and skills.