World Day of Remembrance, call for Keynote Speakers

Each year in November, the world celebrates the World Day of Remembrance (WDR) for road traffic victims. For the fourth year in a row, the NADA foundation will be celebrating this day in 2018. This day serves not only to remind us all of lives killed and injured on the roads, together with their families, friends and many others who are also affected, but also as a striking reminder about why we need to act now, to reduce these preventable daily losses in human lives.

In this year’s event, the NADA foundation will be shedding the light on your work and the work of hundreds of organizations, academics, NGOs, decision-makers and active members of our society, whose relentless effort is making our roads safer every day. And, although we have still a long way to go, by showcasing these efforts we can all learn from each other, get involved and support these initiatives and ideas till their impact becomes deeper and more scalable.

So, if you are working on road traffic safety issues, if you’re researching, studying or acting on this topic, or if you simply have an inspiring story to tell, the floor is yours.

This upcoming WDR will be offering you the chance to present your ideas to key decision-makers, experts and stakeholders concerned with safer roads and transportation as well as media representatives. We will also be promoting your talk on our online and social media platforms before, during and after the event. If chosen, you will also be provided with a number of invitations for people you are most keen on bringing on board.

We invite representatives from NGOs, private companies, academia, government representatives, researchers or individuals to sign up. No restrictions!

All you have to do is send us the following via email at: 

  1. Your updated CV
  2. A brief biography about you (preferably in Arabic), in less than 150 words, explaining your background and what drove your interest in road traffic safety.
  3. A brief overview of your talk, this can either be a word file giving an outline of what you will be talking about it, or powerpoint slides you plan on using. It goes without saying that these do not have to be the final materials you’ll be using. As an alternative you can send us a video of your self telling us about your talk. We leave it up to you.

Kindly notice, that presentation times will vary between 6 to 12 minutes each depending on the submissions we’ll receive and our agenda.

The deadline for receiving your submissions is October 23rd 2018. But the sooner you’ll submit the better as this will give our moderators more time to send you feedback and ensure your talk is presented in the best possible way.

The NADA foundation team will then review all submissions, select the strongest, most relevant ones and work with those selected in preparing their talks for the WDR event end of November.

This is your chance to tell everyone about your ideas, stories or work.

We can’t wait to have you among us.