Release of the Emerging Technologies and Road Safety report

The NADA foundation in partnership with Uber and AXA are announcing the release of the report “Emerging Technologies and Road Safety”.

This report follows the hosting of a roundtable discuss held in May 2017 to launch the joint long-term prevention campaign to raise awareness on road safety standards and to shed the light on how emerging technologies can help improve road safety in Egypt. The roundtable gathered road safety experts, policy-makers and other engaged stakeholders who discussed and highlighted the role of government, industry and private sector in adopting technology that drive effective safety to road system and all road users. The discussion included the recent technologies adopted by Uber and AXA who have active contributions in developing tools that ensure a safer journey for drivers and riders.

“Stemming from our continued focus on the reduction of fatalities & injuries resulting from road crashes, the Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads worked on this report to assess current and emerging technologies which definitely have an impact on road safety. It is critical that all relevant stakeholders should adopt technology that drive effective safety to road system and all road users, while deter from the technologies that negatively impact safety and increase risk of crashes. We look forward to effective cooperation to bring about the public and political will through scientific approach to help reduce the growing problem of road crashes in Egypt,”

Nihad Shelbaya, Co-Founder and president of Nada Foundation.

“We all agree that something must be done and working with AXA and Nada Foundation on road safety prevention campaigns highlights our continued commitment to keep on developing new technologies that goes further than to just strengthen the safety of our service but the safety of people on the road. This starts with equipping our partner drivers who move people around their cities.”

Abdellatif Waked, General Manager, Uber Egypt.

Ensuring safer roads has been part of AXA’s global strategic priorities for many years with awareness efforts, technological innovation and risk consulting. We are now proud to contribute to such an initiative in Egypt as well.”

Khaled El Shaarany, Deputy CEO of AXA Egypt.

This report is available to download in English and in Arabic languages below.

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Download English report

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Download Arabic report

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