The NADA Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads

Saving lives is our Mission

The NADA Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads mission is to work towards eliminating the mounting public health burden & crisis of injuries and fatality due to road crashes in Egypt.

30 to 35 killed every day

Loved ones are killed every day on Egypt's roads. This crisis is mounting to be a national security threat.

4 children

On average die everyday during or following car crashes.

Number 1 killer of youth

Road Traffic injuries are the number 1 killer of Egyptian youth aged between 15 to 35 years.

3% of the GDP is lost

3% of Egypt's GDP is lost annually due to road traffic accidents.

50,000 injured

People are injured or disabled every year due to road traffic accidents.

42 out of 100,000

Road traffic DEATH RATE in Egypt one of the HIGHEST in the world.


We remember our lost ones everyday, reminding us of why our cause matters.

Omar Omama

Student at the BUE

Nesrin, Nouran and May

29, 27 and 24 years old sisters

Abdel Rahman Mohamed

14 years old cyclist


Remember other victims here

Latest News

VIA Creative Competition

The Nada Foundation launched VIA Creative Global Competition with the support of TotalEnergies during the months of August and September to raise awareness of young people about road safety. Around 1000 young people aged 10-25 participated in the competition learning about road safety principles. The participants were able to create a road safety message...

Road safety training for children at risk

As part of the empowerment and capacity building activities, the NADA Foundation has concluded its road safety training at the headquarters of Banati Foundation on 26 May 2022. The training lasted for 5 days and addressed a number of topics; introduction to road safety, basic knowledge of safe mobility, how to create road safety...


In 2021, A core group representing three entities; Tabdeel, Transport for Cairo, and the Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads sought to help communities that want a safer more live-able street environment, to encourage safe non-motorized, active transportation as well as more efficient modes of transportation thus improving living conditions for road users and...

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